It’s a Numi

I love Kohler products. We just bought new Kohler toilets. Unfortunately, we did not wait long enough. At the Dwell show I was lucky enough to see several working models of Kohler’s new, advanced toilet: The Numi.

A toilet so advanced the brochure is 24 pages long but only contains one page of specifications and 6 paragraphs describing it’s unmatched design and the precise positioning of the personal cleansing wand. See it in action:

The brochure is filled with beautiful shots of this bored, young, model, couple that must have mistaken their new toilet for a modern side table and placed it in their totally glassed in living room with a view, as you can see in the video. Some pages don’t even show the toilet; just the couple there, bored, admiring each other’s beauty – totally unaware that their living room has a toilet/bidet in it. Maybe they think it’s the new stereo system.

When was the last time your toilet had ambient lighting, or even a heated seat? Not to mention that the “automatic articulation” of the seat keeps the lid interior “discreetly out of view.” Yes, it closes itself; and opens via a motion detector! If you need more control besides the motion detector there is a remote on the wall mount. I noticed there’s a mulitple user setting. How can it tell whether to lift just the lid or the seat too?

This toilet will wash and dry you and keep your feet warm. Entertain you and deodorize, well… you. Actually, the toilet bowl – with the use of an air filter.

Kohler is really pulling out the marketing dollars on this judging by the brochure. I have to think a $6,400 toilet with an input jack for an MP3 player during these economic times could be a hard sell. I mean; come on, no iPod jack? And just where am I supposed to put my iPad?

I can’t see spending that kind of money on this, but I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a toilet. I cringed to spend $250 and then shocked to learn the seat wasn’t included.

None the less, this was one of the highlights for me at the show and I got a really cool canvas grocery bag out of it with “numi” in light print on the side. I really was torn in what to write about here. The marketing or the toilet? So I’ll say this: I congratulate the marketing company that had to make a toilet look sexy and Kohler for making a sexy toilet.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Numi

    • Here’s another good question: will it flush if you get said lid open during a power outage? I didn’t ask if it had a back up Rube Goldberg type machine like the one that flushes out toilets now. And definitely want handy wipes nearby for the remote. eewwww…

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