Should have taken woodshop…

I keep an eye out for sleek, simple, modern, decorative pieces to share here and sometimes I have to stop and wonder. Why didn’t I think of that? And if I had, could I have charged THAT much for it?

This ran across my screen from A simple plywood box with a light bulb in it. STACKS:LAMPS is a limited edition creation from designer Dino Sanchez. The wood is a beautiful plywood (yes it can be pretty) and a bare 25W bulb in the middle.

They look like a woodshop 101 project, yet the teacher may think it’s too simple:

“Look teach’, we make it a limited edition, come up with a cool designer name and charge $185 for the little ones. Sell it on sleek looking website and we’ll have enough money for a new table saw in no time!”

Seriously, if you really like this and decide to build one, let me know! I’ll post your pictures, directions, space on; whatever. I want to see it done and find out how difficult it was.

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