The Collectors


Part of the dwell on Design show includes a fantastic list of presentations on topics ranging from modular homes to sustainable decor. The Collectors will discuss finding mid-century collectables.

There’s also one on making beer, one called the “Slow Flip” which will be about renovating your home.

If you want to star gaze, Kathy Ireland and Mariel Hemingway will be there talking about living green (why not, they gotta have hobby too).

I don’t don’t know if one day will be enough!


An Introduction…

Do you abhor wallpaper or embrace it? Have penchant for collecting Elvis figurines or Danish modern furniture? Still have your bell bottom pants from high school and was ecstatic when they came back for a brief time? Let’s explore that.

This blog is for exploring the décor, architecture, advertising, television, fashions and other factors that influenced our personalities and tastes as children who grew up in the mid-century. This is not only for the mid-cent born but also for those who love the period and want some sources for putting together a pink bathroom or a hip mini bar.

I was born in 1959. My ideas on how life was going to be were based on the TV shows and ads I watched. I love mid-century modern furniture and I want to talk about the pursuit of getting the actual period pieces or the new the products that come from those influences. In the process I hope you will share your experiences of being raised in a time of bomb shelters and Eames chairs.

I don’t want to go too highbrow or stodgy, but I do want to delve into the art, architecture and designs that, may not have made it to your house, but still causes us to stop and stare and perhaps elicit a memory or two. I’ll introduce you to a phrase that when said in our family indicates an object has reached a point too highbrow to be taken seriously for our use.

Please let me know what you would like to see in a blog such as this. Subscribe and comment so we learn together. I’ll be posting about every two weeks and I promise not to fill your box with every thought that comes along and I will not sell your address.

This is gonna be fun.

Field Trip!

My first foray into getting this blog up and running will be a field trip. Yes! How many times did you want your first day of school to include a field trip that was not to find the location of the bathrooms?

I am going to the Dwell on Design in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of Dwell and you’re into modern home design well… where have you been? Dwell is a magazine that has articles on the latest in modular homes, sustainable building materials, and modern architecture, furniture and appliances. The advertisers in the ModernMarket section are worth the price of the subscription for the resources.

The exhibition is open to the public, but many of the speakers and conferences are geared for interior designers, architects, developers and students in the design fields. Those classes take place on a different day and cost a pretty penny, but student and professional discounts are available. Basically, we’re talking about a “home show” with a hipster attitude.

A tour of homes in the LA area is available also. I don’t have the cash for that ($75) and it consists of a map and tickets. I guess they thought it would save emissions if we got in our own Prius’s and drove to the houses ourselves rather than provide a bus.

For more information on all the cool stuff I’ll be perusing look here. I hope to have pictures to share and a ton of information.