Fab.com IS Fabulous

I have a subscription to a fab… wait; let’s not overuse that word – umm… wonderful shopping site full of; uhhh, amazing deals on modern furnishings, gadgets, magazines and books. It’s featured in an article in Forbes about the company and how it got started. Take a look here.

Fab.com has daily “flash sales” on items that are off-beat, classic modern, and just plain fun. One of the co-owners used to work at Design Within Reach and Dwell magazine. I happen to know their support is fabu.., I mean, helpful. I highly recommend fab.com, but it requires a free subscription signup and an invite from someone who is already a subscriber. I will invite anyone who expresses an interest by contacting me since I think it is well worth it and a great source of inspiration and cool, modern, FABULOUS items.

above: Fab.com Cofounders Jason Goldberg (L) and Bradford Shellhammer (R) at their Manhattan office.

photo credit to Forbes magazine