Dwelling on dwell

Looking over what can be done with left over wooden beams. 

Since last Saturday, when I attended Dwell on Design, I’ve been stealing moments to go over the information I gathered and the pictures I took. There was so much to take in and yet things missing.

This is the 3rd year I’ve attended this annual event. The first time was during the economic boom. There were three pre-fab home companies with actual “samples” of their homes set up in the convention center. Not to mention the other pre-fab, construction, and development companies who had booths there from all across the country. During that event one company rep gave my husband and I a binder full of color specs of their huge “flat pack” homes after showing, what I considered, lukewarm interest. A year later, I felt bad putting it all in the recycle bin. It must have cost $15 a piece to print those up!

This year there was only one small pre-fab set up from pieceHomes with all the bells and whistles – minus a bathroom door (I guess that would be an upgrade). No – wait, there was one other; and it had a bathroom and shower door.

Roughing it with 2 TVs.

The Airstream displayed was the 27 foot model with wood floors, 2 flat screens, separate shower and toilet (in the RV world, in this size class – that’s sweet), and leather upholstery. All that for about what our first home cost 20 years ago.

The presentations going on during the day were split on either side of the venue. One stage held talks on “Sustainability” and the other for “Design Innovation.” Of course, I was more interested in the design presentations, particularly one called “The Collectors.” Sam Kaufman of Sam Kaufman Gallery was the most interesting since he focused on mid-century pieces and what makes a good collection/collector.

Overall, the show downplayed the excesses and focused on the use of smaller spaces and sustainable lifestyle. Well, except for this –

More to come…

The toilet you've been waiting for!

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